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Our mountain hiking trips are now described at the Mountain Hiking Holidays website.
Our art and culture tours are now described at the Art Tours by Amy website.
Walking Softly Adventures, Inc. is a specialty tour operator based in Portland, Oregon, USA. We were founded in 1996 by Amy and John Osaki as a means for them to share with others their dual passions for both hiking and art. Through 2008 we offered our mountain hiking trips along with a selection of cultural heritage and archaeology tours under the name “Walking Softly Adventures.” Beginning in December 2008, we began to offer the hiking trips under the “Mountain Hiking Holidays” name since it more accurately describes the nature of those trips. Art and culture tours continued to be offered under the Walking Softly Adventures name. In November 2012, we replaced “Walking Softly Adventures” with the new name, “Art Tours by Amy.”

Through all the name changes, Amy and John Osaki continue at the helm of both Mountain Hiking Holidays and Art Tours by Amy. We continue to invest our time and energy in crafting and delivering high quality trips. We firmly believe that the first job of a trip leader is to facilitate your travel experience. Our job is to set the stage and choreograph the trip so you’re free to explore and enjoy. Relax and let us handle the details! We’ll work to make sure your journey abroad is rich, rewarding, and memorable!

Happy travels!

and the Mountain Hiking Holidays & Art Tours by Amy Team